Preventative Maintenance

Our goal is always 100% uptime

All systems need to be maintained in a proactive manner to ensure peak performance and keep your occupants comfortable.

N.C.C. offers annual and customized preventative maintenance and service agreements for HVAC equipment, controls and boilers. We currently have a variety of agreements in place for many different types of customers and offer great flexibility. We tailor the agreements to meet your needs.

Proper maintenance of your equipment ensures its maximum useful life. In addition, utility costs are minimized when equipment is operating efficiently. Best of all preventative maintenance minimizes costly downtime by detecting components that are likely to fail and allows you to take corrective action before a failure occurs. Our Preventative Maintenance Agreement customers receive priority service 24/7/365.

Top Reasons Why You Should Have A Preventative Maintenance Agreement

  1. Optimize equipment performance, reliability and efficiency
  2. Increase efficiency to reduce energy costs and lower utility bills
  3. Reduce operational costs and increase the comfort of your occupants
  4. Improve asset protection and lengthen the life of the equipment
  5. Minimize maintenance costs and repairs to avoid emergencies
  6. Increase uptime – decrease unplanned downtime
  7. Promote health and safety as well as fewer hot/cold calls
  8. Improve Indoor Air Quality

With limited staff time and critical equipment needs, choose a team who can be an extension of your internal maintenance staff and team. We can be your trusted outsource technical resource.

Every property has its unique challenges.

We take a fresh perspective for each location. Our maintenance agreements are structured specifically to each property. We work with your maintenance staff to manage the facility by providing technicians that complement the existing staff to any level that is required. We offer different service levels and then customize the maintenance plan to meet your needs.

The first step is to review the equipment and make a detailed itemized list (manufacturer, model number, serial number, unit ID, type of equipment and location in each building) of what items to include and frequency of service for the scope of work. We take a proactive approach with our customers to make sure we understand the equipment and type of service required and desired.

We offer agreements for HVAC, Controls, and Boilers. All of our agreements include the following:

Standard HVAC Preventive Maintenance (PM)

Our Standard HVAC PM Agreements start with quarterly maintenance and filter changes with belt service and annual coil cleanings for all condenser coils. Included is a startup service at the beginning of the cooling and heating seasons followed by mid-season inspections with filter changes at each of the four visits.

Building Automation System (BAS) Maintenance

Proper mechanical maintenance can minimize the utility costs for operating your equipment while a Building Automation System (BAS) Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) provides continual software upgrades, patches and security features. This guarantees you have access to continued support and updates for the SMA period, providing peace of mind and ensuring the system is as secure and reliable as possible. We can also help you with troubleshooting your existing Building Automation System (BAS).

The first step is to review the equipment and make a detailed itemized list (manufacturer, model number, serial number, unit ID, type of equipment and location in each building) of what items to include and frequency of service for the scope of work. We take a proactive approach with our customers to make sure we understand the equipment and type of service required and desired.

Benefits of Software Maintenance Agreements (SMAs)

Planned and proactive service is a great way to keep your systems properly maintained and operating efficiently.

The combination of control equipment, technology and our technical expertise will ensure your facility is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. We review schedules and HVAC sequences of operation (SOOs). It’s important to review trends to identify any equipment that is not functioning correctly. Rely on the technical experts who know your equipment and systems best. You choose the level of service that best compliments your equipment, processes, and existing capabilities.

We also offer on-site training to keep your staff knowledge up to date with the latest developments. We provide installation and expert support to supplement your staff. This flexibility enables you to reduce your time and effort while still receiving the complete technical support you need. We assist you with programming, troubleshooting configuration and commissioning as well as training.


All boilers require periodic service and maintenance, and having this service performed by a professional contractor on an annual basis is recommended. Ensuring proper boiler maintenance affects much more than reliability. Conducting regular checkups also minimizes operating and energy costs, bolsters equipment life, and most importantly improves safety. In the end, it makes dollars and sense to have your equipment regularly inspected.

Typical Annual Boiler Maintenance Items

Every Model and Manufacturer have different recommended annual maintenance procedures. Our highly experienced and skilled boiler technicians know the right maintenance and frequency for the various types of boilers and different brands. Whether it is checking for leaks or cleaning condensate traps, our experts have safety first and efficiency as their priorities.

Boiler Inspections, Operation, and Maintenance

Boilers can be extremely dangerous if not properly maintained, the processes for inspecting them are rigorous and required by law by the state or insurance companies.

The State of Oregon requires that Operational Inspections may be done by a State Boiler Inspector or Insurance Inspector. The frequency of inspections varies depending on the type of boiler or pressure vessel whether it is required annually or bi-annually. N.C.C. is often requested to conduct the annual boiler maintenance prior to inspections. N.C.C. is able to complete certified inspections to meet the state of Washington annual Clean Air Act testing and reporting requirements.

Boiler Inspections typically include all internal and external walls and surfaces which are inspected; looking for any signs of leaks, corrosion, overheating, or other structural issues within the boiler. All waterside areas of the boiler are inspected, including blow-down, water connections, and steam connections. All fireside conditions are inspected inside the boiler, including superheaters, deaerators, and economizers. All external trim and control devices are also inspected.

Boiler Operation consists of many tasks to keep a boiler operating safely and efficiently. These tasks include tracking many data points, such as boiler pressure and temperature, boiler exhaust temperature, feedwater pressure and temperature, and boiler and water column blowdown timing. Continual checks should also be a part of any maintenance program, including burner flame for proper combustion, proper operation of control valves for all systems, feedwater tank or deaerator operation and level, water treatment systems, and taking water samples for comparison to recommended chemistry guidelines.

There are other equally important tasks to ensure proper boiler operation that should be performed on a weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and annual basis in accordance with the manufacturers and insurance recommendations. Failure to comply with the equipment manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule may result in equipment failure due to problem indicators being missed from lack of regular maintenance.

Keeping a boiler operator’s log helps to ensure all data points are recorded, all checks are performed, and poor performance indicators are addressed.

Need our services?

With many organizations having limited staff, let us be your outsource technical resource and an extension of your team and keep your equipment running at peak performance. Call us today at (503) 656-9205 and let one of our preventative maintenance specialists work with you to customize a plan for your facility.

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