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Enable Smarter Buildings

In order to increase operational and energy efficiency, you are looking for new ways to make managing your facility easier. Honeywell can successfully integrate, install and maintain building management systems and provide life cycle support for facilities like yours, making it easier to increase comfort, safety and security for your occupants.

We offer a scalable range of building management and intelligent building solutions and services — from individual subsystems to fully integrated intelligent buildings — that reduce risk while delivering world class operations and energy efficiency.

Open protocol management

All major global industry open standards supported; such as, BACnet, LON, MODbus, WiFi, EnOcean, Zigbee, etc.

Traditional building management systems typically have stand-alone applications with separate monitoring and control stations for HVAC Controls, energy metering and power management, central plant equipment and lighting. While each application is beneficial on its own, the real power lies in managing them as one, complete intelligent solution.

With Honeywell, you can adopt a single point of control by integrating new and existing building systems through affordable, customized solutions and realize many benefits, including:

  • Enterprise-wide view and automated building control processes
  • Information sharing between departments
  • Increased productivity and operational efficiency
  • Improved response time to events
  • Reduced installation and life cycle costs

Our cost-effective open architecture supports leading open industry standards including BACnet®, OPC®, LonWorks® and Modbus™. We can help you with:

  • Energy efficiency, security and reliability
  • Sustainability
  • Smart grid
  • Microgrid and on-site power generation
  • Integrated security
  • Building controls, automation and management
  • System service, maintenance and optimization
  • Smart buildings

Our experience and knowledge are found in a wide-range of solutions, from simple service and maintenance of HVAC systems to comprehensive design, installation, integration and ongoing optimization of multiple facility and management systems, all combined into one streamlined point of operation. Whether you have a single building or are a global, multi-site organization, we can keep you performing at your best with our local support — no matter where you are, BE COMPLETE!

The Honeywell WEBs line of controls is founded on the Tridium Niagara N4 platform. This maximized its ability to maintain existing systems while providing a complete expandability to all new and modern applications. The N4 platform is also fully compatible with Honeywell XL5000 controllers along with BACnet and LON communication protocols.

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