NCC | ABS Hosted Server
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ABS Hosted Server

Hosted solutions for Building Automation Systems


Cloud based solutions help you gain the tools, features, and efficiencies of any software without having to understand how to install it, program it, or maintain it.  You simply use it!


NCC offers this strategy for customers who want to take advantage of all the standard feature-rich applications that our traditional PC based systems employed. Now you can do the following; energy monitoring, trending, alarming, scheduling, setpoint adjustment, troubleshooting from any location with the peace of mind that your data is doubly protected and available on our cloud based servers.


Since we are monitoring your system 24/7/365 personnel can be dispatched to address your building issues immediately and effectively.  Regular reports can be analyzed to ensure your building is operating at peak performance.


We also keep your software versions current to ensure you have all of the latest features and tools, while protecting your investment from hackers and viruses.


Our Cloud based offerings keep you concentrating on your business!


Contact Jeff Robinson if interested.