NCC | Preventative Maintenance
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Preventative Maintenance

Our goal is always 100% uptime

Preventive Maintenance Services


Proper maintenance of your equipment ensures its maximum useful life.  In addition utility costs are minimized when equipment is operating efficiently. Best of all preventative maintenance minimizes costly downtime by detecting components that are likely to fail and allows us to take corrective action before a failure occurs.


Every property has its unique challenges. We take a fresh perspective for each. Our maintenance agreements are structured specifically to each property. We work with your maintenance staff to manage the facility by providing technicians that complement the existing staff to any level that is required.  We start with four different service levels and then customize the maintenance plan to meet our client’s needs.


Standard Preventive Maintenance

Our Standard PM Agreements start with quarterly maintenance and filter changes with belt service and annual coil cleanings for all condenser coils. Included is a cooling and heating startup service at the beginning of the cooling and heating seasons followed by mid-season inspections with filter changes at each of the four visits.


Full Labor Service and Maintenance

This service level provides for standard maintenance but includes all labor costs for repairs as well. There is a separate charge for parts, but all labor charges are included in the base contract amount.


Full Coverage Service and Maintenance

This is the highest level of service available and includes standard maintenance and all other costs for repairs to covered equipment, both parts and labor, but excludes electrical power wiring & disconnects natural gas service, water service or acts of nature to the covered equipment.  This includes mechanical components such as motors, valves, compressors and heat transfer components such as coils & gas fired heat exchangers.  This provides a fixed monthly cost for all HVAC maintenance and repair for the customer. This puts the cost control and the risk of non-performance in our hands.


Energy Management Maintenance

Proper mechanical maintenance can minimize the utility costs for operating your equipment while a Building Automation System Maintenance Agreement can further improve on this by implementing new Sequences Of Operation by analyzing historical data. We can also help you with troubleshooting your existing BAS.