NCC | Energy Trust of Oregon
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Energy Trust of Oregon

NCC ranked top ETO Trade Ally Partner!

Energy Trust of Oregon Rebates

Your project may be eligible for ETO Funding, contact us and we’ll help you with the process!


Below are the typical steps to ETO qualification:


    • Contact NCC – we have experience and input that can help you prepare your approach.
    • Get approval for free energy audit of building – Have ETO audit your building and see if you qualify for funding.
    • ROI/funding %s – the audit will reveal your potential energy savings and investment ROI.
    • ETO makes formal offer –  if audit reveals potential savings meeting program criteria.
    • ETO provides rebate  – once project is complete you will receive your rebate funding.


NCC Awarded top Outstanding Contributor in 2015 as ranked by energy savings! Click here for more details.