NCC | 2014 Momentum Event Functions
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2014 Momentum Event Functions

2014 Momentum Events with NCC

19 May 2014 Momentum Event Functions


“It is easier for a swan to be a dog than for a dog to be a swan, as it says in one of these Lake Wobegon stories, and as an older dog, I know this only too well. But there are stories in this collection that sort of take flight, such as the two Wobegonians who fly to California and wind up in Costa Rica instead, or the story of Pastor Liz whom the Holy Ghost leads to the pastorate of Lake Wobegon Lutheran Church. She hitchhikes into town and bathes in the lake, witnessed by a red-faced Clint Bunsen, and preaches the gospel with passion as she endures crushing loneliness and is the subject of town gossip (she got into bed with a dying man —- so she could sing “Abide With Me” into his good ear, but still). It was a good piece of work by a guy improvising on a live radio show in front of skeptical Lutherans, and I’m glad to put it on CD.”

Our team learn a tremendous amount during the event... Oh, and we had a blast too! The people at Northwest Control Company really know how to host a great event!

“It’s been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon, my home town …” Lake Wobegon has been Garrison Keillor’s fictional home town—and America’s—for almost 40 years.

Many of us have grown up with “the little town that time forgot and the decades cannot improve.” The Chatterbox Café, the Sidetrack Tap, the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Responsibility, the Bunsens and the Krebsbachs, the Lake Wobegon Whippets—these are places, people, and sports teams we know and love, thanks to Keillor’s ability to weave a story and tell it live.

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